Buy your new home on favorable financing terms


NBG financing solutions

Have you found the home that is right for you at

NBG now makes it possible for you to buy it by offering favorable financing terms including:

  • financing up to 80% of the valuation /first bid price
  • floating rate linked to the 3M Euribor (depending on the ECB Intervention Rate) plus a 3% margin and levy under Law 128/75 (currently 0,12%)
  • exemption from fees charged for the review of property titles & report preparation.



Apply for a loan/ Submit your application today!


You can visit any NBG Branch and submit a loan application by quoting the code number of the property you request financing for.  Click here for the documentation required.

Or you can submit your application online, quickly and easily via our Internet Banking service! 
If you are a registered i-bank Internet Banking user, click here to submit your application online on the spot! Just visit the website of the property you are interested in and find the loan that works best for you, by clicking on "I want a loan". 

Once an indicative offer has been placed based on the information you have filled out, you can then click on “login using your i-bank Internet Banking credentials” to get started with your loan application!

Upon submission of your application one of our representatives will contact you to guide you through the next steps.


Carry out your transactions easily and efficiently through NBG’s Internet & Mobile Banking, on your pc or mobile.

If you don’t have Internet & Mobile Banking login credentials, get them now in  just a few minutes!