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Terms for Using the Platform – Protection of Personal Data

1. The https://www.realestateonline.gr website is owned by the National Bank of Greece (hereinafter the Beneficiary). Through state-of-the-art online infrastructures and open/closed-source software, this website can offer everybody who has access to it (hereinafter the user/visitor) information regarding the sale of properties owned by National Bank of Greece S.A. and its Group.


Please read carefully the following terms for using this website. By using/visiting this website the user/visitor unreservedly and fully accepts the terms of use set out herein, which apply to the website’s content in its entirety. Navigating and staying on this website constitute acceptance of the terms of use hereinbelow. In the event of disagreement with the terms of use, the user/visitor must exit the website and refrain from further use. The user/visitor of this website has studied, understood and fully accepted the following terms and acknowledges that the latter are binding upon the user/visitor during each visit thereto.


The Beneficiary is entitled to amend these terms at any time without prior notice; the amended terms of use shall be each time announced through the website. Users/visitors should each time check the terms for possible amendments. Users/visitors who go ahead and use this website will be deemed to have accepted the amended terms. Otherwise, they should refrain from using/visiting this website.


2. The purpose of this website is to present and promote to the wider public properties owned by National Bank and the Group, to promote selected auctions published on www.eauction.gr, as well as conduct electronic auctions for selected properties. Specifically, it presents properties available for sale and specifies the minimum bid for each one. Note that the minimum bid at the initial auction cannot be lower than the book value of the property, unless this is approved by the relevant approving bodies. The following data are available for each property:

•        address and description of the property;

•        minimum bid;

•        date and time of the auction;

•        place of the auction;

•        any significant features (actual, legal, urban planning issues);

•        contact phone numbers for further information;

•        key terms for participating in the auction;

•        methods of payment.


The following options are available to the user/visitor:


a) using a search engine to receive online information on the properties for sale,

b) signing up, by providing required data, in order to have additional access to

  • Express interest in certain properties and
  • legal and technical features of the properties

c) to participate in online auctions, conducted by www.realestateonline.gr through a special application (platform).


Both individuals and legal persons are eligible to sign up. Users/visitors also have the option to use selected, ongoing updates, reminders on the basis of selected criteria, updates in the event of upcoming e-auctions, and to request to visit the actual properties they are interested in. Also, an online helpdesk is available for further communication.


3. The https://www.realestateonline.gr website must be used exclusively and solely for lawful purposes and in a manner that does not limit or impede its use by third parties. Users/visitors of this website shall use it in accordance with the law and these terms of use. Users/visitors of this website shall not engage in acts or omissions that could cause failure or malfunction and adversely affect or put at risk the provision of services available through this website to its visitors.


4. The Beneficiary shall make every effort to ensure that the information and content each time posted on the https://www.realestateonline.gr website are as accurate, true and up-to-date as possible. Furthermore, it provides the content, such as information, photos, illustrations, data etc., and the services available through this website "EXACTLY AS ARE". The aforesaid and any other information provided to the user/visitor through the website do not constitute a direct or indirect solicitation or advice to take any action with an economic outcome. The user should consider carefully the information provided and act at his discretion. Under no circumstances shall the Beneficiary be liable for any legal, civil or penal claim or for any actual, special or consequential damage incurred by the user/visitor of this website.


5. The https://www.realestateonline.gr website may contain links to third party websites solely for the user/visitor's information. Any links to third party websites shall imply neither adoption of such parties' views and acts nor acceptance of the content expressed, published or posted thereby. Third parties responsible under law for the websites are solely liable for the content of their webpages or for any damage that may result from the use thereof whenever the user/visitor of the https://www.realestateonline.gr website accesses them. The user/visitor accepts that by linking to third party websites he exits the https://www.realestateonline.gr website and is subject to the terms of use of such third parties’ websites.


6. The Beneficiary shall make every possible effort to ensure the good operation of its network, although it does not guarantee that its servers shall operate without disruption or errors of any kind, free from viruses, malware or similar programs.


7. Given the nature of the Internet, the Beneficiary shall be under no circumstances liable for any form of damage incurred by the user/visitor of webpages, services, options and contents of this website. Furthermore, it cannot guarantee that any of the linked websites or the servers via which all related services become available to the user/visitor is free from viruses or other malware, as it cannot guarantee the correctness, fullness or availability of the contents, webpages, services, options or the results of their use.


8. Through this website, the Beneficiary, as Controller, may collect personal data of the users/visitors, such as identification and communication data, which are necessary for processing and only to the extent they are disclosed by the users/visitors themselves. The Beneficiary takes every measure to ensure the ethical and lawful collection and processing of personal data, as well as their safekeeping in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) and the regulatory framework governing its implementation, protecting the secrecy and confidentiality of any information it becomes aware of.


Personal data that may be requested when filling out the online Sign up Form include name, surname, valid e-mail address and mobile phone number. The user/visitor, after taking knowledge of these terms of use, provides the above personal data to the https://www.realestateonline.gr website, wherever required or demanded for the purpose of completing the sign-up process. Additionally, during the electronic auction process, it might be required to submit digital imposition of identification or legal documents, as well as documents proving the deposit of the participation fee (Βank statement, Letter of Guarantee, Βank Draft).


The Beneficiary processes the above personal data of users/visitors for the purpose of registering them with the https://www.realestateonline.gr website. The Beneficiary may process, in part or in whole, data disclosed by users/visitors for statistical reasons and for improving the services and information provided, among other reasons. In addition, The Beneficiary may process the above data in the context of informing users/visitors of announcements/news and/or its new services, subject to their explicit consent to this end. Users/visitors are entitled to revoke such consent at any time, obviously without affecting the legality of any processing having taken place on the basis of their consent prior to being revoked.


In the case of certified users wishing to participate in the electronic auctions, the above data may also be transmitted to third parties in cooperation with the Bank, to the extent necessary in the context of a transactional relationship for their best service, as part of their participation in the electronic auctions, such as: lawyers, law firms, notaries, bailiffs, experts, companies, consultants, as well as file storage and destruction companies. 

The Beneficiary processes the personal data of registered users throughout the term of their registration to the website and, following its expiry in any way whatsoever, for as long as required by the statutory and regulatory framework each time applicable.


Finally, after verifying their identity, users / visitors have the right to access their personal data, the right to request amendments or summplementation of any inaccurate personal data, and, if the regulatory framework condition are met, to exercise the rights of: deletion, restriction of processing information, as well as ensuring human intervention in the automated processes. To exercise their rights, users / visitors may submit their request in writing to dpo@nbg.gr. In the event that they consider that their personal data protection may be compromised, users / visitors may appeal to the Hellenic Data Protection Authority.


9. Through this website, non-personal user identification data may be collected by means of relevant technologies, such as cookies and/or monitoring IP addresses and similar means as resulting from the communication between the web browser and the server. Cookies are small text files stored in each user’s/visitor’s hard drive that do not take knowledge of any document or file therein and do not result in associating the computer to any person. They are used in order to facilitate the user’s/visitor’s access regarding the use of specific services and/or webpages for statistical reasons and for identifying useful or popular areas.


Non-personal data can also include the web browser type used by the user/visitor, the type of computer, its operating system, the internet service provider (ISP) and other such information.


The user/visitor of this website can configure his web browser so as to be alerted about “cookies” used in specific services or not to allow the acceptance of “cookies” on any occasion. To this end, he can refer to his browser manual or help screen to be further informed of such operations. For instance, he can configure Internet Explorer through Tools /Internet Options /Security and Privacy. If the user/visitor of specific services and pages does not wish to use authentication “cookies”, it is possible to gain limited access to certain services, uses or operations provided by this website. The collection of all personal data received by the Beneficiary through this website, whether sent by the users as the case may be or collected upon users' navigation around this website, is performed in line with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) and the regulatory framework governing its implementation for the protection of personal data, as amended.


10. The terms and conditions regarding the use of this website, as well as any amendment or change thereof by the Beneficiary shall be governed and supplemented by national and European legislation and relevant international treaties. Any provision of the above terms ascertained to contravene the above legal framework or rendered invalid, shall ipso jure cease to apply and shall be deleted herefrom, without affecting under any circumstances the validity of the other terms.


11. The terms and provisions regarding the use of this website constitute the overall agreement between the Beneficiary and the user/visitor of its webpages and services and bind solely the latter. No amendment of such terms of use shall be taken into consideration nor constitute part of this agreement, unless stated in writing and incorporated in these terms of use. Unless otherwise specified on this website, the above terms of use shall immediately become effective in their entirety. The Beneficiary reserves unilaterally the right to amend, add, or change the content or services of the website, as well as its terms of use, whenever it deems so necessary, without prior notification, through this website, always under the current or possible legal framework. In view of the above, the users/visitors of the website are advised to check regularly the said content, services and terms for any changes, as continued use implies acceptance of any amendments thereto.


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